12Mass is a social media dashboard that helps brands talk to more people in less time.

Using a sophisticated search and grouping mechanism that allows the sending of personalized responses in bulk, together with ongoing statistical measurement of engagement levels which leads to the optimization of interactions over time, 12Mass makes it possible to deliver individualized responses to large, targeted audiences while measuring the effectiveness of conversations.

12Mass is a highly sophisticated engagement platform. It is the only conversation tool for the social web that employs the same A/B testing process used to optimize websites, email campaigns and advertising. The platform enables one to build constantly improving conversation decision trees to speak to a mass.

Its Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) Search engine uses the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and clustering tools available to help you gather similar status updates, providing suggestions based on real-time analytics and measured engagement levels from previous conversations.

The system itself learns: the more you use it, the easier it gets to respond with optimized messaging for even faster and more effective engagements.