12Mass re-launches Twitter software to help brands engage on social media, now online

Scaling up the conversation on social media

ITL Media has launched 12Mass, a CRM software that amplifies and fine-tunes B2C communication on social media. Previously under the name ‘Itweetlive’, the web-app empowers outreach efforts of brands and organizations through efficient delivery of personalized responses to target audiences while measuring and improving the effectiveness of engagements, using Natural Language Processing (NLP), computational linguistics, dialog decision trees and A/B testing, amongst other technologies.

12Mass is a social media dashboard that helps customer service, marketing and brand managers at multinational companies engage with a mass of existing and potential consumers more efficiently and effectively.

12Mass started out as an aggressive mass marketing tool for twitter and have since pivoted and grown to become a mass conversation tool that helps brands engage efficiently and effectively on social networks, while keeping the conversation personal.  In the past year and a half, using the brightest minds in the field of NLP and conversational AI, ITL Media has developed strong mass communication algorithms. The solution is unique and relevant to the needs of large brands, a demand that just grows exponentially.

As a marketing tool itweetlive oversaw the sign-up of over 13,000 SMB’s and marketers. After the shift in direction, there are less sign-ups from smaller agencies and more sign-ups and interest from larger brands like LEGO Group, Tiffany & Co., Liverpool FC, Saks Fifth Avenue and more.

With the change in the product came also the change in the name of the company, UEX, technology infrastructure, and business plan. Use of 12Mass will be based on monthly subscription plans.

12mass is the only available platform that clusters audiences into groups and measures the engagement levels of responses sent to that group, resulting in an increased engagement scope of up to 50 fold. For the first time, brands can A/B test their tweets, measure engagement success and create the strongest possible social media presence. 12mass is also partnered with influence reporting tools like Klout and Peer Index to enable optimal engagement.

With consumers increasingly turning to social media as a way to communicate with them, brands need a way to talk to a mass effectively and efficiently without losing a personal touch. 12Mass’s dashboard offers a way for brands to talk to existing and potential audiences as easily and intimately as chatting with a friend. This translates into a more robust customer support system, high quality feedback, and better received marketing.

The company is looking to expand to incorporate other social media platforms like Facebook, as well as integration with Hootsuite as a partner in the near future, and possibly adapting the app for Sina Weibo ( 新浪微博) in China.

"[I see] lots of potential - watch out #Twitter there's a new tool out which is going to revolutionize the way you use Twitter :)" Lilach Bullock, social media consultant and founder of Socialable.co.uk.
About 12Mass

12Mass is a social media dashboard that helps brands talk to more people in less time.

Using a sophisticated search and grouping mechanism that allows the sending of personalized responses in bulk, together with ongoing statistical measurement of engagement levels which leads to the optimization of interactions over time, 12Mass makes it possible to deliver individualized responses to large, targeted audiences while measuring the effectiveness of conversations.

12Mass is a highly sophisticated engagement platform. It is the only conversation tool for the social web that employs the same A/B testing process used to optimize websites, email campaigns and advertising. The platform enables one to build constantly improving conversation decision trees to speak to a mass.

Its Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) Search engine uses the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and clustering tools available to help you gather similar status updates, providing suggestions based on real-time analytics and measured engagement levels from previous conversations.

The system itself learns: the more you use it, the easier it gets to respond with optimized messaging for even faster and more effective engagements.